Darren Clawson is taking Revilo Developments to new heights!

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ith various projects under their belt, we’re excited to welcome Darren Clawson of Revilo Developments, to our Board of Directors. With the large development project at Greensnook and an exciting purchase of land on Booths Road in Bacup, the future is very bright!


Developments MD, Darren, was heading up his own local firm when he responded to a social media business post put out by Lee, who had been let down by a supplier on a contract. Lee had been impressed by Darren’s professional response to the post and became even more impressed when Darren was able to complete the job on time, on budget and to an impeccable standard. Lee believes in loyalty to hard-working contractors and offered Darren an opportunity to complete a full house refurbishment. The incentive was that, should the project be completed to the same high standards, within budget and within a set timescale, a potential business venture could be discussed.


Darren rose to the challenge with ease, and the discussion around the business venture led to the action of Revilo Capital buying up a piece of land in Todmorden with planning permission for the building of three townhouses. Darren once again exceeded expectations whilst at the helm of the venture, and with all three houses complete in December 2016, Revilo Developments was born soon after.


At Revilo Developments, we are proud of our people, and to get the best, we only work with the best. Those tradespeople and contractors who have always been good to us, to our properties, and to our clients, are the ones we incentivise and employ to carry out all of our work from scratch at our developments. Loyalty is not only key in an effective business, but it’s a value that filters through our very fabric and becomes evident to the most important people of all – our clients.