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Revilo Life was set up to demystify the world of insurance and ensure the delivery of fair, transparent impartial advice and products. Advice provided by Revilo Life™ ensures adequate and water tight policies are proposed, which in turn helps to limit disputes over a claim. Working within the insurance sector for more than a decade,
Managing Director Jemma Holden brings extensive experience to this sector.




Benefit from expert advice for Personal cover or Business Policies.

Life Assurance

A Life Assurance payout can be used to provide your family with financial support upon your death, maintain a standard of living, pay a pending Inheritance tax bill or support your dependants through later life.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance covers cancer, heart attack and stroke as a minimum – although the exact number and type of other illnesses covered will depend on the particular provider used.

Business Protection

Business protection can be written for key personnel to ensure the business would not suffer financially in the event of a death.

  1. Cross Option Agreement
  2. Key Person Protection
  3. Shareholder Protection
  4. Business Loan Protection


Employee Benefits

A death in service or income protection scheme is classed as employee benefits, payable by the business for the benefit of you and your employees.

  1. Group Life Assurance
  2. Group Income Protection
  3. Group Critical Illness
  4. Writing Your Policy

Personal Medical

Personal medical insurance, put simply, offers you quick access to eligible health treatment, from a list of approved specialists and hospitals, making sure you get the treatment you need, when and where you want it.

Revilo Life™ – Established January 2018

Efficient Insuring - Personal & Business

Revilo Life is our most recent venture here at The Revilo Group, but it has already established itself firmly as a high quality and premium service in the field of providing protection and insurance.

In providing options to Revilo clients in terms of personal and business life, it made sense to us that we should look to putting something special together for existing clients and new prospects who want to make sure that anything they need insuring is done so efficiently and with our trademark gold standard of customer service. At present, Revilo Life offers a range of products including Life Assurance (as our name suggests), Home Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Employee Benefits, Private Medical Insurance and Business Insurance, meaning that our clients are looked after on a professional as well as personal level.
With all of our insurance products and cover, we aim to offer valuable advice and hope to provide something much more important – complete assurance that the cover we offer is tailored to your needs and completely transparent should you need to make a claim. In reality, any policy can look good on paper, but it’s the key features and the standard of cover that are most important. Don’t be fooled by cheap premiums and policies that look too good to be true.

In building the Revilo Life business, we were keen to grab the opportunity of working with Jemma Holden – now our MD. As well as all the assumed qualifications and necessary background in appropriate facts and figures, Jemma had in spades what we embrace here at Revilo – a commitment to offering incredible expert care and a fresh approach to her work. As a true professional, she likes to keep things simple and clear for our clients by offering impartial advice based on evidence and circumstance. Though our products are available to anybody, the way in which they are assigned is completely bespoke to our clients’ individual needs.
Are you reading this from the comfort of your home right now? Whether rented, mortgaged, leased or owned, you need to call us. Director, Founder or Owner of your own business? You need to call us, too. Let’s face it, insurance of any type can sometimes be dull, wordy, and often misleading, so in true Revilo style, we take pride in making our products and our clients’ access to them clear, precise and not misleading.

Insurance…. but done right!

Revilo Life - Policy Review

We can review every aspect of your business policies – are you fully covered?
Directors & Officers – Motor Fleet – Public Liability – Corporate Risk Employee Benefits – Medical Underwriting – Death in Service


Jemma Holden

Jemma Holden  Managing Director

Starting a career as an intercompany accountant for AstraZeneca before branching into the compliance and insurance sector as Director of Chestnut Business Solutions UK Ltd in 2007. Jemma successfully ran Chestnut Business Solutions until 2015 when Jemma merged with a larger Manchester based insurance company, Reich Insurance.


Tel: 01706 509239

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Julie Woods1

Julie Woods
Client Manager

Sharon Collins

Sharon Ruff
Client Advisor

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Oliver Collins
Mortgage & Protection Associate


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Registered in England No.10245939.  Revilo Life Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 792586. This can be verified by visiting the FCA register at https://register.fca.org.uk/

Combination Policies for Business – The smart way for business insurance.

Combining all your different insurance needs into a customised package enables you to have everything under one policy which becomes cost-effective. To guarantee your policy is specific to your trade and operation - we work closely with your business to add or omit the right products or services.

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