Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach


Revilo Automotive is a UK car buying service exclusively for owners of premium and specialist vehicles. We don’t buy every Car…. but we do buy the best! If you live in the UK and have a vehicle for sale, then Revilo will not only value your car as an individual asset, but we’ll guarantee you the best price, and ensure that this exact money is in your account within minutes of the transaction being completed.




How do we compare vs webuyanycar.com? 

At Revilo Automotive, we don’t work through computers. We don’t just ask you to enter your make, model and registration number and then look up a price on a database. This ‘one club’ approach means you usually get the worst, rock bottom price as it does not take a host of relevant factors into consideration.


That’s why over the course of 2017 we decided to publish our top six deals every month, with a direct comparison to the prices quoted by WBAC, saving customers on a like for like basis a whopping £1,285,853.33. Yes, that’s right, we paid that much more than the nations leading car buying service, taking into consideration ownership, service history and manufacturer optional extras.

Leaderboard Savings

Established May 2016


Prior to his alleged retirement from business in 2014, our CEO, Lee Collins, had spent most of his working life in the automotive industry, a passion itself fuelled by his love for motor vehicles in his personal life.


Having previously owned and run a successful independent Land Rover retailer in East Lancashire for many years, before going on to make the bold purchase of a Jaguar retailer based in Bolton in 2013. At the time, the dealership in question was ranked 95th out of 103 dealerships in the UK for Customer Satisfaction based on the surveys administered and collated by Jaguar as the manufacturer.


Testing a theory; a theory that with the right support, the right culture, and the right ethos, the dealership’s fortunes could be turned around, the acquisition was a logical addition for Revilo, as it presented the Group with fantastic challenge due to its previous standing, and a key opportunity for development in respect of potential growth within the product line.


It took Lee, a few members of his trusted team, and the sign-up of all of the existing dealership staff, just 6 weeks to go from 95th to 1st in the manufacturer ratings for Customer Satisfaction.


With a passion for cars and a demonstrable reputation for selling them in an exceptional client-focused way, it’s completely understandable that The Revilo Group would produce a company that would specialise in such a field.


It was through a personal transaction and the sale of a vehicle that there was an introduction to Joe Greenwood. An easy sale, but one that resonated with Lee for all the right reasons; customer care and an experience that himself would have been proud of in his previous environment. It wasn’t until looking to sell another vehicle that Joe was asked personally – why wasn’t he doing this for himself? After much coaxing and negotiation, Lee convinced Joe that there was a vehicle purchasing opportunity to be had and a gap in the market for premium buying, and so Revilo Automotive™ was born.


We buy cars, but seeing as many companies advertise this exact service, just how are Revilo Automotive™ different to our competitors? Well, we believe we don’t HAVE any competitors. Why? Because we don’t buy EVERY car. At Revilo, we specialise in the purchase of premium, high performance or high specification vehicles. We buy quality, not quantity, and we specialise in the best, not bulk.


If you have a vehicle you are looking to sell, then Revilo will not only value your car as an individual asset, but we’ll guarantee you the best price, and ensure that this exact money is in your account within minutes of the transaction being completed, which is at the point when one of our drivers collects the car from you at the comfort of your own home or workplace. At Revilo Automotive™ we pride ourselves on the fact that we’ll treat you as well as you treated your car.


Car buying…. but done right!

Monitoring levels of customer care…


Through our 7 days a week online chat facility! From 7am until 11pm every day of the week, a member of our in-house Revilo team will be at the end of the chat to help existing and potential clients alike with their questions. None of this is outsourced, and all chats are dealt with by staff who live and breathe Revilo, and who are ‘at home’ in our office.



UK wide services for sales enquiries, home visits and vehicle pickup.


Through our national network we visit you, at your convenience to inspect and purchase your premium vehicle.


Nationwide pickup and service to your door - excludes Ireland

We offer the highest retention value for owners of premium and specialist vehicles, a personal car buying service where we visit you anywhere in the UK.


Joe Greenwood Sales Director

With his finger, constantly on the pulse of the market and the ups and downs of vehicle pricing, Joe has been able to lead the team into consistently offering more than other vehicle valuation platforms which is a key aim of the business along with offering the highest levels of client service.

Meet The Team

Gareth Oldrieve
Logistics Manager


Mark Mckay
Commercial Sales Manager


Craig Kilmartin
Senior Buyer

Caroline Gill 1

Caroline Gill
Senior Buyer


Neil Quirk
Senior Buyer


Greg Robinson
Senior Buyer

Ben Tilley
Team Leader & Junior Buyer


Steven Hutchings
Junior Buyer


Callum Swerluk
Sales Advisor



Revilo House
Bridgefold Road
OL11 5BX


HEAD OFFICE     01706 509 236
MANCHESTER    0161 3027 035
BIRMINGHAM    0121 7943 892
NEWCASTLE       0191 6913 570
BRISTOL              0117 4036 541
LONDON            020 3887 1352
GLASGOW          0141 3704 950
EDINBURGH       0131 2853 581


Best Price Guaranteed

Look forward to saving literally £000’s, with a valuation that genuinely reflects your vehicle.

Nationwide Collection

Our car buyers are more than a computer, we offer a Nationwide door to door buying service.

Dealer Connections

With years of experience in the car industry we have the right contacts to maximise your desired purchase price.

Cleared Funds

Our bankers are Coutts and our professional advisors are RSM - we ensure each seller is paid in full on the price agreement.

Postcode Pickup

Complete the valuation form through our website and we visit, agree a price and take away your vehicle in the same day.

Digital Trader

We take care of all digital documentation of your vehicle and make sure of all the detail when purchasing.