Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach


The Coach™ is a delightful ‘Gastro Pub’ situated in the village of Edenfield within the Rossendale Borough of Lancashire. The perfect place in which to socialise and relax with friends and family whilst indulging in simply delicious food – all of which is sourced locally, expertly cooked and served just the way you’d like it to be.




Get planning your visit…

TThe Coach™ at Edenfield may not seem to fit with what you’ve read and know about The Revilo Group so far, in terms of the fact that it appears we have randomly placed a gastropub among our cars and our homes, nestling somewhere in between our investments and our insurance. You’d be right, the concept doesn’t really fit, but what does fit, are the people.


Speak to a member of staff for bookings: Tel: 01706 825000 or make a reservation today online.

Table Bookings

Revilo take pride in the fact that we build businesses around the best people; those we know, and those we are keen to form new relationships with. The group were keen to work with right team of staff and decided to buy a local pub and eatery in Edenfield, East Lancashire. We wanted to make the place something special, one of our first tasks was to invest £8,000 into resurfacing the pot-hole ridden car park.

This type of thinking is entirely typical of our methods of assumed madness here at Revilo, because even when things cost us money and have no direct way of increasing our profits, we still insist on investment and in everything being done right.

A dodgy car park may not necessarily turn people away from visiting our establishment or choosing us over a rival pub, but it’s certainly not going to make their experience as enjoyable, relaxing and high quality as it could be doing. Plus, unless you’ve walked up to see us (dogs are welcome, by the way) then the car park is the first impression you’ll get of our gastropub – and a risk of wet feet or twisted ankles isn’t really the best outcome in terms of how first impressions go.

We’re not big on using our iPhones and social media to faff and filter our food. We want our visiting customers to be enticed by what they see, and then to be delighted when what they order actually looks like what the picture promised.

You’ll never find us advertising a two for one on cocktails or two for a tenner on Sunday Roasts, but you’ll always find us creating and dishing up the tastiest food from the freshest sources. Even the menus themselves are good enough to eat (but don’t). Did we mention that dogs are welcome? Yes, we did. Please bring your dogs – we like them better than we like you. And we have biscuits.


* Advance bookings taken
* Walk-ins welcome
* Good for groups or parties
* Good for children
* Table service
* Outdoor seating
* Walkers & Dogs Welcome


* Free Parking
* Free Guest WiFi
* Event Facility
* Baby Change Facilities
* Disabled Access & Facilities
* Live Music Nights


* Extensive Gin Menu
* Local Cask Ales
* Wine Selections
* Traditional Beers
* Cocktail Board
* Fresh Tea and Coffee

The Coach-101

Amy Suthers  / Manager

Heading up our young and dynamic team, Amy injects youth and enthusiasm to The Coach™ with extensive experience in the industry despite her age. Very understanding of any request and always on hand within the restaurant if you have any requests.

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Jack Worsick
Bar Manager


The Coach
163 Market Street
Tel: 01706 825000



Monday             Closed
Tuesday             1200 hrs – 2300 hrs (Bar only)
Wednesday      1200 hrs – 2300 hrs
Thursday           1200 hrs – 2300 hrs
Friday                 1200 hrs – 00.
00 hrs
Saturday            1200 hrs – 00.30 hrs
Sunday               1200 hrs – 2300 hrs

Food Served Wednesday – Sunday until 2100 hrs


We can easily customise our menu to meet your needs – seating groups of all sizes.

Group & Private Dining

Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your private party plans, whether you are celebrating a special occasion with family and friends or gathering colleagues for a dinner meeting.

Menus and Pricing

The menu mixes up the traditional and the slightly more progressive with dishes of real ambition. We can cater for larger groups through pre order, or create a buffet or set menu for any occaison. Please let us know of any allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

Dining Space

The Coach is an outstanding venue for family gatherings or intimate events. Our versatile and multi-functional space is designed to cater for special occasions, business meetings, private dining and everything in between.

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