We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients

Our team is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds, a wide range of expertise from a variety of fields.

Lee A. Collins

Group Chief Executive

Before the creation of Revilo Capital in September 2014, Lee owned another successful group of businesses which he sold to a UK PLC in May 2014 and retired aged 46. So, ensued a not so successful retirement, lasting only 69 days, before the responsibilities and thrill of business life meant that he just couldn’t stay away.

Lee started Revilo Capital from a small one-man office, armed with his phone, a laptop and so began the inception of Revilo Group – we are always asked where the name Revilo came from….it is the reverse spelling of the name of Lee’s eldest son, Oliver, who now works within the Group.

Indeed, it’s fair to say that the success of the Group owes as much to Lee’s drive and determination and he’s showing no signs of slowing down

I'm proud to be extremely hands on in all aspects of the business. I'm regularly involved because I'm passionate about the fundamentals of client service. I believe I'm highly driven naturally, creative, ambitious and generous with others.

Deborah Brierley

Managing Director


Revilo Capital Ltd

With a background experience in veterinary nursing, an overall calming influence with a belief in that the little things make the biggest difference. 

Deborah is passionate about providing the highest levels of customer and client service in all she brings to the Revilo Group. Takes pride in all that Revilo embodies, and is instrumental in relaying our values to colleagues and clients alike.

Working across both our Developments and Homes divisions, Deborah’s role is instrumental to new clients specifically in the lettings market. Dealing with not only our own portfolio of residential and commercial properties, Deborah looks after all our landlords and tenants – offering the level of care that we expect ourselves.

Joe Greenwood

Managing Director


Revilo Automotive Ltd

The first professional that Lee invested in when creating the Revilo Group model, having been so taken by Joe’s commitment, openness and passion.

Joe has spent all his working life in the Automotive Sector. His previous appointment with Sytner Group spanned 14 years and culminated him being appointed as Group Buyer. An appreciation for older vehicles, a love for progressive and evolving technologies, and cites his favourite work of literature as What Car? magazine.

With his finger constantly on the pulse of the market, Joe has been able to lead the team into consistently offering more than other vehicle valuation platforms which is a key aim of the business along with offering the highest levels of client service.

Out of work, Joe enjoys being a Dad to his two small children.

Darren Clawson

Managing Director


Revilo Developments Ltd

Darren Clawson was heading up his own local firm when he responded to a social media business post from Chief Executive Lee Collins.

Having been impressed by Darren’s professional response to the post Lee commissioned a new project that was delivered on time, on budget and to an impeccable standard.

We believe in rewarding loyal hard-working individuals and offered Darren an opportunity to complete other property refurbishments. A potential business venture could be discussed and this led to the action of Revilo Capital buying up land in Todmorden with the building of three townhouses. Darren once again exceeded expectations, Revilo Developments was born.

Jemma Holden

Managing Director


Revilo Retail & Revilo Life Ltd

Jemma is an experienced director and the most recent addition to the board, embodying the diverse and exciting opportunities that the group presents.

Having started her career as an intercompany accountant and branching out into the compliance and insurance sector setting up her own company in 2007, aged 22, before merging with Manchester based, Reich Insurance in 2015.

Lee and Jemma have had a long-standing business relationship, with Lee having mentored the early part of Jemma career and as such the opportunity to come on board with Revilo was an easy decision. 

A woman of many talents, Jemma is also a busy mother of two. A qualified florist and qualified in British sign language. She’s also entered her fourth ‘Tough Mudder’ competition this year in support of the NSPCC

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and preferences. Our team is always available to answer questions, provide support, and address any concerns that may arise.